Monday, December 31, 2007


We can’t own Time. We can only borrow Space. Experience alone is ours, all we can share. So we document. Start with curiosity. What is beneath, an ethereal channel, or an ephemeral abyss? Invent a process. Peel back time. Peek below at what has come before. Through investigation reveal evidence of time by layers. Organized, rolled upon its self a growing spiral proceeds. A center point of investigation moving forward through time, building upon itself with overlaps on points of repeated cycles, deepening experience along order, essence remains constant, an archaeological trail of detritus remains, a past strewn with deteriorated Heirloom. Experience once lost, now unearthed, contemplated, considered, then re-authored into a more appropriate memory, a History diminished to a more suitable part of a direly inadequate present. An inheritance of artifact with varying degrees of resistance, sentimentally a futile talisman against Entropy. To not forget, not be forgotten.

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